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Discover Musical Instruments $1.99

Jammit -
Find out what music is made of…with Jammit! Isolate or remove an instrument from the mix & jam with the original multi-tracks!

Musician's Little Helper - composition

Treble Clef Kids - Learn to read music $1.99

Kindermusik Radio App $1.99

Dr. Seuss Band $.99

Note Squish $.99

Pitch Painter -$2.99


Make Me Music - $1.99

Voice Recorder

Avid Scorch -
The Avid® Scorch® app transforms your iPad mobile device into an interactive music stand, score library, and sheet music store. With this powerful app, viewing beautiful scores is just the beginning. $1.99

Garage Band $4.99

Imagine bringing ALL of your music to every practice, rehearsal, and performance—in one hand. Imagine hearing sheet music play back. Imagine printing copies and parts.