In order to meet the standard students must understand…
In order to understand, students will need to consider such questions as…
In order to understand, students will need to know..
In order to understand, students will need to be able to…
‍‍‍‍Use proper technique‍‍ when singing and playing a variety of music.‍‍‍‍

Use accurate pitch to imitate three-pitch melodic patterns.

Execute rhythmic patterns using body, instruments, or voice.

Apply changes in dynamics and tempo when singing and playing music.
The difference between loud and soft. The difference between fast and slow. CAH

Interpret rhythm patterns that use iconic or standard notation for quarter notes, quarter rests and beamed eighth notes.

Execute three-pitch songs with voice and/or instruments.

Use iconic symbols to notate quarter notes and quarter rests.

Use improvisation to create two-phrase melodies using three pitches.

Select a variety of traditional and non-traditional sound sources to accompany readings, stories, or dramatizations.

Use iconic notation to compose simple rhythm patterns consisting of quarter notes, beamed eighth notes, and quarter rest durations.