In order to meet the standard students must understand…
In order to understand, students will need to consider such questions as…
In order to understand, students will need to know..
In order to understand, students will need to be able to…
Recognize how music is used in customs and traditions of various cultures.
What customs and traditions are(definition) and the originating cultural group. (MBW)
Where does this music come from? Is it part of a holiday tradition, or a play song/worksong?(MBW)

Listen to and respond appropriately to the music.
The response might include movement, discussion, singing, or using instruments(MBW)
Understand the relationships between music and concepts from other areas.
Music uses math, reading, geography, and timelines. (CAH)
How do we use math for rhythms? How do we use story books in music? Where are different composers from? How long ago were songs we are using written? (CAH)

Demonstrate how quarter note, eighth notes, and quarter rests are different from the steady beat. Sing various books/ use the books for Mallet Madness activities. Recognize where the USA is located on the map, and see how far a composers country is from the USA. (CAH)