Websites with terrific resources:
Great list of online resources
Livebinder with great links!
List of interactive websites for music
Freddie the Frog
Quaver Music -- Quaver's Marvelous World of Music

Making Music:
Virtual Keyboard- Virtual piano that kids love to play (good to use with the interactive whiteboard)
Virtual Drum Kit - play an online drum set
Reindeer Orchestra - squeeze the reindeer noses to play notes

Composers/ Orchestra/ Instruments:
Keeping Score Ths is about composers. It would be good for scavenger hunts.
Classics for Kids -- Radio shows about composers and classical music
includes mini quiz for each show
New York Philharm
onice Kid Zone
Arts Alive - orchestra, instrument, composer, and game resource

Music Theory Website - Has several online lessons for theory
music trainer - Lots of games to help with pitch and rhythm - rhythm
Blob Eartrainer - choose which blob is singing the correct note

Drum Machine - create music with the drum machine
The Block Game - compostition
Music Maker - compostion
Drum Beats - compose with drum beats
Piano Puppet- composition
Music K8 Piano Composing -- Shared by Lynn at the PD Meeting
Sibelius Groovy -- Links to where you can read more about the Sibelius Groovy information. Software must be purchased to use. Great to use on IWB.

note flight - Noteflight was founded with the vision of making it simple for everyone to create and share musical ideas online. Must sign up to use.
Print Music -- Maggie shared how she uses this program in her class - Various games including music memory, matching, musical notes, and band.
Check out this 35,000 year old flute! - Scholastic article about a 35,000 year old flute
Recorders, Boomwhackers, Fun Songs, and More!- Music K-8 kids website with access to videos, games, and songs - Picture of a flute made from mammoth bone

Interactive White Board Resources
Mimio Connect -- IWB Resources
SMARTboard Resources -- IWB Resources
Promethean Planet -- IWB Resouces

RubiStar -- creating rubrics